Ticket to the Moon: NASA invites everyone to send a name to the Earth’s moon

NASA has invited everyone to send a name to the South Pole of the moon. It will be recorded on a special chip that will be installed on the VIPER lunar rover. 

VIPER lunar rover (concept). Source: NASA/Daniel Rutter

The National Aerospace Administration quite often provides the opportunity to send a name into space. In this way, it popularizes both its missions and space research in general. Last time, NASA invited everyone to send their names to Europa. This time, they will go to the moon. 

The names will be engraved on the chip that will be installed on the VIPER lunar rover. Anyone can take part in the promotion. To send your name to the moon, you need to fill out a small form at this link.

VIPER is the first lunar rover constructed by NASA. The main task of the spacecraft is to study the lunar soil to determine the amount of water ice contained in it. VIPER is supposed to land on the western edge of the 73-kilometer-long Nobile crater. It is located near the South Pole of the moon, and its bottom is never illuminated by the Sun.

At the moment, the launch of VIPER is scheduled for November 10, 2024. The rover will be sent to the Moon by a Falcon Heavy rocket. The Griffin platform, built by Astrobotic, will be used to land the VIPER at the South Pole. However, given the recent accident of the Peregrine spacecraft, which was also created by Astrobotic, it is likely that NASA will postpone the launch to conduct additional tests of the platform.

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