There is a ridiculous technical mistake in China’s vision of colonizing the Moon

The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) has released a CGI video that demonstrates their vision of colonizing the Moon in the future. The video proudly shows an ambitious project to build a lunar base, which the country will use to further explore the Solar System over the next few decades.

China’s far-sighted plans to explore the Moon were announced back in 2021, but the video was only made public last week. Attentive viewers have already discovered an unexpected mistake: at the 40th second, the launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle is visible in the background.

The original frame of the CNSA video from the Space Shuttle

The mistake may be an attempt by the Chinese space program to make a joke, or it is simply a mistake when creating a video, while the authors used ready-made 3D objects, but are poorly versed in space topics. The fact is that the Space Shuttle program was closed in 2011, and the “space shuttles” are now on display in museums. In addition, China and NASA do not cooperate with each other due to competition in the space race. Therefore, the inclusion of this spacecraft is especially ironic, given the tensions between the United States and China.

It is worth noting that the state-owned China Global Television Network also noticed this mistake, but to save time, instead of removing the Space Shuttle and reloading the video, it solved this situation by applying a blur effect that hid the take-off of the American spacecraft in the background. 

Despite the mistake in the promotional video, the Chinese space agency has made significant progress in space exploration, including the successful landing of a spacecraft on the far side of the Moon and the construction of the Tiangong orbital space station in just two years.

Colonization of the Moon — a view from CNSA

Now the Chinese space agency is actively developing a strategy for landing its taikonauts on the Moon, according to a program that is very similar to Apollo 50 years ago.

Earlier, we reported on how NASA accused China of masking military targets with the space program.

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