The Universe Space Tech — 18 years

In December 2003, the first issue of the Ukrainian popular science magazine “Universe, Space, Time” was published. Today it celebrates its eighteenth birthday.

Editorial office of The Universe Space Tech

Eighteen years is certainly a long time. In order to keep up with the times, our publication has undergone many metamorphoses. We changed the name to The Universe Space Tech, got a website and pages in social networks, and switched to Ukrainian. But one thing has always remained unchanged — our desire to continue to delight you with interesting space news and tell you about the mysteries of the Universe.

On the occasion of adulthood, we decided to give the floor to our editorial staff — people who write news, edit texts, create infographics, get up a magazine and make memes for social networks. To those without whom The Universe Space Tech could not exist. Each of the members of our team talked about what he/she does and what inspires them in their work. 

We will also be glad if you write in the comments how you first met us and what you value most in the publication.

Nataliia Nehrash

Literary editor of the UST website

When we say the word “space“, we usually mean something incredible that is not accessible to everyone, something that is impossible to comprehend. And when you work in the UST team, the cosmos gets closer, because you face it every day 🙂 And after two years of such “space“ you begin to understand that the impossible can be quite real, like, for example, tourist flights, which humanity could only dream of some half a century ago. The space industry is almost the only one in the Universe that is never going to stop its development. So, probably, in the next 50 years we will already visit extraterrestrial worlds and will not just be a biological species, but a galactic race:) Learn, know and share knowledge — what could be more interesting? And with the team of like-minded UST, it’s doubly interesting!

We work with you and for you!

Mikita Litvinov


Since childhood, I have been interested in stars, planets, spacecraft and everything related to it. And thanks to the work in The Universe Space Tech team, now I can “touch“ space every day and observe like something until recently was considered fiction becomes reality before our eyes. And it also gives me a great opportunity to constantly learn something new about our beautiful planet and about the wonders of the surrounding Universe, and then share my findings with readers. And it’s very cool.

Stay with us, we are never bored!

Ivan Hlaz

Social media editor / SMM

This is the case when your dream job exists. In The Universe Space Tech I do social networks, so I have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the news about the scientific achievements of mankind, but also to communicate with readers and be the first to learn all the “space memes“. 

Since childhood, I have read popular science magazines and watched with sadness how the periodicals were slowly dying. However, now is the time for the development of new media. Now everyone has the opportunity to read what they like — their favorite magazine before going to bed, a joke on social networks or an article on the website. I am glad that I have the opportunity to work with different formats of information and can be the first to observe how the world is changing. 

The Universe Space Tech is a place that proves: impossible things don’t happen!

Oksana Kudas

Chief editor of the publication of The Universe Space Tech

I came to the publication from business journalism and entered a completely another world. Our agenda is not another dirty political scandal, but ambitious plans of mankind for the future: landing on the Moon, colonization of Mars, development of space tourism and exploration of the Universe. Here we constantly learn something new. You get acquainted with the popularizers of science, cooperate with scientists who write for the magazine and are engaged in education. All this gives a sense of belonging to something necessary and important.

The fact that I work in a popular science publication is surprising to my acquaintances and friends. Now they often send me links to news about space with the words: “Did you see that? Have you written about it? It’s fun!“ 🙂 They share scientific publications that they like. 🙂 That is, people do not remain indifferent, and this inspires.

Yevhen Opanasenko

Editor of the news feed of The Universe Space Tech

My fascination with space and popular science topics began in childhood with the atlas “The World around us“. This atlas was a door to an unknown world, allowing me to “travel“ to all corners of our Earth and even beyond. But most of all, I was fascinated by the illustrations of the space. It was amazing how gigantic the planets are, how diverse their atmosphere is, how tiny our Earth is in relation to the Sun, how boundless the cosmos is, full of unexplored mysteries and amazing riddles. Since then, my favorite gift was another encyclopedia about space, of which I have gathered a little library. All of them were read literally to tatters and smudges. Every time when I opened another book, I would disappear there for several hours, amazed at how many interesting things in the world.

At a time when my peers were interested in sports sections popular among boys, I attended a youth astronomy circle. Watching the night sky through a telescope, studying constellations, and listening to lectures about the Universe were a real “holiday of the mind“. So the hobby gradually developed into the profession of the editor of The Universe Space Tech, where I met with like-minded people and an audience eager to explore the Universe with us. It gives me real pleasure to convey complex information to people in a simple language of a popular science format. 

Materials of The Universe Space Tech will not leave you indifferent, and you are always able to discover something new.

Konstiantyn Palamarchuk

Designer of The Universe Space Tech publication

My eldest son is used to mom and dad talking about galaxies and nebulae for coffee. And he knows that it is impossible to play near the telescope standing in the corner. 

The youngest, at three and a half years old, loves the Moon and finds Jupiter in the evening sky. And he also knows that with a tail — it is a comet, and with rings — it is Saturn.

Therefore, space is a part of our daily life. Let it be not the biggest, but tangible. And my hobbies and work have been very successfully combined when approaching comets and spacecraft launches are discussed at meetings. And the topics of work tasks are black holes, orbital telescopes or technologies for sewing spacesuits.

I have a great opportunity to work in the magazine of my childhood dreams. Make it good and understandable. Such that even people who are far from cosmic themes leave it with curiosity and admiration.

So enjoy! We make it for you.

Volodymyr Manko

The publishing editor of The Universe Space Tech

Back in the spring of 1995, while on a probation in Warsaw, I found Astronomy and Sky&Telescope magazines on sale there, which I had previously held in my hands only a couple of times in the library of the observatory of Kyiv University. The Internet was then “in its infancy“, most of the images were taken on photographic film and photographic plates (no, I did not meet dinosaurs), and these publications were the widest “window into the Universe“ available at that time. I admired photos, read articles, while improving my English, and frankly envied those who create such wonderful magazines — I also wanted to be involved in something like this.

Nine years later, I was lucky enough to take part in observations of the transit of Venus across the disk of the Sun at the Lisnyky Observatory near Kyiv. A lot of astronomy enthusiasts gathered there, one of them told me that recently Ukraine also had its own magazine “astronomy and space orientation“, and gave the coordinates of its chief editor. At that time, the Cassini probe was just approaching Saturn, so I wrote an article about it and sent it to the specified address. The article was immediately published. Then I started to take part in editing the materials of other authors, and in the summer of 2005 I received an offer to do this permanently. By an amazing coincidence, at that moment I was unemployed, and such an opportunity looked like a gift of fate. And I must say that over the 16 years that have passed since that time, I have had no reason to regret this gift. If I ever dreamed of sharing my knowledge about space with people, it’s hard to imagine a better opportunity for this!

Nataliia Zoria

Distribution manager of The Universe Space Tech publication

In my mind, the theme of space is always something immense, mysterious, magical and inspiring. The night sky, unlit by city lights (in the forest, on the seashore, in the mountains), always made me forget all worries and fly away into the vast expanses of the Universe. 

Now, working at UST, in addition, I have the opportunity to learn about technical achievements in the space field, about the latest research and discoveries related to space.

I am very glad that I am helping our readers to get The Universe Space Tech (the only popular science publication about space in Ukraine) and that we have each other 🙂

Over the entire period of our work, the publication has published 187 issues about space, the history of its exploration, innovations and technologies in the aerospace field, startups, specialized government programs and astronomy. Jointly with researchers from universities and other organizations, we have written more than 1,000 articles that talked about the mysteries of the Universe.

We are working hard towards the goal of becoming the most cited national publication on space and astronomy in Ukraine. Our mission is to popularize and deepen knowledge about space and related technologies among young people. By informing about the progress in the space industry, career and educational opportunities in this area, we contribute to the development of a new generation focused on science and technology. Our dream is to become a popular science publication on which more than one generation of Ukrainians would grow up. After all, the future belongs to the development of technology, and space is always a challenge and tasks of incredible complexity.

About The Universe Space Tech

The Universe Space Tech is a popular science publication about space, astronomy, innovations and technologies in the aerospace field, created in 2003. Its official partner is the NGO “Noosphere Association”, founded by businessman Max Polyakov.

About Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov is an international entrepreneur in the field of space technologies and IT, economist, public figure, founder of Noosphere Ventures, investor and philanthropist, who is a follower of Vernadsky noosphere theory.

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