The next attempt to launch SLS will take place no earlier than September 27

NASA has announced the date of a new attempt to launch a superheavy SLS rocket. Now it is scheduled for September 27.

The SLS rocket is on the launch pad. Source: NASA-J. Kowlsky

Recall that the previous attempt to launch the SLS failed due to a hydrogen leak. Its source is located in the cavity of the quick-release connection, through which the rocket tanks are refueled. After that, the mission leaders decided to replace the leaky connection element right on the launch pad to save time and make it possible to launch the SLS during the next ballistic window. 

More recently, NASA named September 23 as the new launch date for the SLS. But now the organization has decided to revise these plans to give more time to repair the rocket. Upon its completion, engineers will refuel the SLS to confirm the elimination of leaks. According to the new schedule, this operation will take place between September 17 and 21.

If the test confirms the success of the repair, the next attempt to launch the SLS will take place on September 27 with a spare launch window on October 2. However, for this, NASA will also need permission from the US Space Force unit SLD 45 (Space Launch Delta 45). It is responsible for safety at Cape Canaveral and certifies the use of an emergency flight termination system — charges that will undermine the rocket if, after launch, it begins to deviate from the established trajectory.

The certification period for the SLS emergency flight termination system expired on September 6. If the SLD 45 refuses to renew it, the SLS will have to be returned to the Vehicle Assembly Building to reset the charges.

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