The most powerful flare has been registered on the Sun for the last six years

On December 14, a powerful X-class flare occurred in the Sun. It was registered by the SDO Space Observatory (Solar Dynamics Observatory). The flare was classified as X2.8-class, the highest rate since September 2017.

Illustration of a powerful solar flare. The image is generated

Solar flares are classified by strength and divided into three categories: C, M and X. At the same time, Class X flares are the most powerful. They often cause coronal mass ejections (CMEs), spewing huge clouds of solar plasma into space at high speed.

This flare was probably accompanied by a KME partially aimed at Earth, SpaceWeather reports. The U.S. Air Force is also reporting a Type II solar radio flare. The speed of the newly formed solar wind from such a powerful flare can reach 2,100 km/s.

The SDO satellite (NASA) registered an X2.8 class solar flare on December 14, 2023. Photo: NASA

In the event of a collision with the Earth, such a coronal mass ejection can cause geomagnetic storms that can affect power grids and other infrastructure, as well as create intense auroras. Although the Earth’s atmosphere blocks harmful radiation, it can disrupt GPS and satellite signals, leading to their disconnection. The United States already reported that this flare caused shortwave radio communication failures over America.

Scientists predict an increase in the frequency of solar flares as the Sun becomes more active. Its activity fluctuates with an 11-year period. According to the forecast of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA, the peak of the current 25th cycle is expected from January to October 2025.

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