Starship flight is shown in 4K resolution (video)

Skyshow.TV channel has posted a 4K video on Youtube, taken with a tracking camera. It demonstrates the second flight of Starship in many previously unknown details.

The second Starship flight took place on November 18, 2023. Unlike the first test, this time the giant rocket took off without any problems. The published video clearly demonstrates the coordinated work of 33 Raptor methane engines installed on the first stage of the Super Heavy booster.

Starship continued to gain altitude and upon reaching the desired mark, Super Heavy separated from the spacecraft, after which it tried to proceed with the return maneuver. But soon after that, the booster exploded very spectacularly. It later turned out that this was due to an engine explosion, which was caused by a clogged filter in the liquid oxygen supply system.

As for the Starship, it continued its flight. But when the spacecraft was already close to reaching the desired trajectory, it was undermined by the flight abort system. This was due to a leak of liquid oxygen, which led to a fire.

Recall that SpaceX recently announced plans for the fourth Starship test. It may take place as early as May.

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