Starlink offers its users global roaming

Starlink offers its users global roaming anywhere in the world. Its cost will be USD 200 per month and another USD 599 will cost a set of equipment. But this offer has its limitations.

Global roaming will be performed thanks to standard Starlink terminals. Source: Nilay Patel / The Verge

Global roaming from Starlink

Starlink has announced that it is starting to provide a global satellite roaming service all over the planet. They begin to send offers about this to their regular customers. According to them, it will now be possible to use the Internet stably even where it has never been in principle.

The advertised cost of the service is USD 200 per month. Plus, you will also need standard equipment, the cost of which is now USD 599. At the same time, the proposal has nuances.

Nuances of use

Firstly, you can use the service only in a stationary position, that is, only when you are not traveling by car or train. In order to use it in this position, an additional terminal worth USD 2,500 is needed.

Secondly, a number of countries, including India and Pakistan, simply have not licensed this service on their territory, so no one guarantees the absence of interference on Starlink’s operating frequencies there. Anyway, it is still unclear how the terminals will work outside the zone officially announced on the company’s website.

Starlink coverage map. Source: Starlink

Thirdly, now the “plates” in the basic version are actually tied to a specific country. If you want to cross borders with them, you need to order an additional package worth USD 135 per month. Or the Portability service, which costs USD 25 per month, but it does not work if you are traveling to another continent and you also need to register at a new address every time.

It is believed that global roaming will be better than these conditions, but as far as one can only guess. Moreover, the proposal contains a postscript that outside the United States, the consumer is solely responsible for the extent to which the use of the terminal complies with local laws and regulations.

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