SpaceX posts a 360-degree video of spectacular Starship launch

SpaceX continues to share wonderful videos and photos taken during the second test flight of its powerful Super Heavy launch vehicle and the Starship spacecraft. During the launch, a 360-degree camera in a protective case was installed on the tower of the Starbase launch pad, which allowed space fans to observe the launch from a short distance without falling under the dangerous effects of heat and shock waves.

You can watch a 360-degree video from both a smartphone and a computer, but you can get the best sensations using a VR headset. In virtual reality, you can safely enjoy how 33 Raptor engines with a lifting force of 7 million kg lift a 122 m rocket into the sky. 

SpaceX also posted a slow-motion zoom video of the Super Heavy lifting off from the launch pad at the spaceport in Boca Chica (Texas). To fully immerse yourself in this spectacular process, it is advisable to turn on the sound and put on headphones.

Impressive videos amazed space fans who could not see the rocket launch live but still got a unique opportunity to watch the historical launch in detail. By the way, although SpaceX calls it successful (almost all planned operations were performed during it), the flight ended with the explosion of the Super Heavy launch vehicle and the destruction of Starship. Now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the accident.

Super Heavy launch vehicle with a Starship spacecraft. Photo: SpaceX

The SpaceX press service said that the data obtained during this flight test would be useful for further improving Starship. When this spacecraft is ready, it will be able to deliver crew and cargo to the Moon, Mars, and possibly beyond.

Meanwhile, the company is actively preparing for the third launch, which may be carried out at the end of this year.

Earlier, we reported on whether SpaceX would receive permission for further tests.

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