SpaceX announces the date of the next Starship launch attempt

SpaceX has announced the date chosen for a new attempt to launch the Starship spacecraft. It is scheduled for April 20.

A prototype of the Starship spacecraft ready for launch on the launch pad. Source: SpaceX

On April 17, SpaceX attempted to launch Starship, the first fully reusable space system in history. A giant rocket was installed on the launch pad, after which specialists began to refuel it with fuel components. However, just a few minutes before the end of the pre-launch countdown, it was stopped. The reason was the freezing of the boost valve in the Super Heavy stage, which made it impossible to launch. After a while, SpaceX published a message in which it named the date of the next attempt to launch Starship. It will take place on April 20. The 62-minute launch window will open at 04:28 p.m. GMT+3.

SpaceX has not made any changes to the Starship flight plan. It is assumed that after separation from the spacecraft, the Super Heavy stage will perform a partial return maneuver and will be driven into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico 32 km from the launch site. As for the prototype Starship, it will develop sufficient speed to enter low Earth orbit and make an incomplete orbit around the Earth. In the area of the Hawaiian Islands, the spacecraft will activate its engines and enter the atmosphere, after which it will be driven into the ocean about 100 km from the northwest coast of Kauai. The total duration of the flight will be about 90 minutes.

It is important to note that during the upcoming test, SpaceX does not plan to rescue either Super Heavy or Starship. Even if the prototype of the spacecraft survives re-entry into the atmosphere, it will still collapse during the landing.

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