Solar Eclipse: View from the Moon

NASA has released an image showing how a solar eclipse looks from the moon. The image was obtained by the LRO spacecraft.

Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024: view from orbit around the moon. Source: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

The solar eclipse captured in the image took place on April 8. Its total phase was observed in North America. Eyewitnesses took a lot of very spectacular pictures of the celestial show.

The eclipse was also monitored by spacecraft, including the LRO in orbit around the Moon. Mission specialists took advantage of this opportunity to photograph the moon’s shadow on the earth’s surface. 

Shooting the eclipse turned out to be a difficult task. LRO cameras are line-scan cameras. Their images are built line by line due to the movement of the spacecraft in orbit around the Moon. Shooting the Earth required the device to turn quickly to build an image. In total, it took 20 seconds to make a portrait of our planet.

Earlier, we talked about how LRO photographed the South Korean Danuri probe.

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