SLS Rocket and Orion Spacecraft returned to Vehicle Assembly Building

The NASA Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft for the Artemis I mission were successfully returned inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at the Kennedy Space Center after a 6-kilometer journey from launch pad 39B after a launch rehearsal. 

A close-up view of the NASA Artemis Space Launch System rocket inside the Vehicle Assembly Building

Over the next few days, the team will provide access to SLS and Orion. In the coming weeks, the teams will replace the seal on the quick disconnection of the tail service mast and perform additional checks before returning to the launch pad for launch. Components of a self-destruct system will also be installed on the rocket. It is necessary in case of problems during startup and deviation of the carrier from the specified trajectory.

NASA Artemis I Mission SLS Rocket returns to Vehicle Assembly Building of Kennedy Space Center

Earlier, NASA analyzed data from the dress rehearsal held on June 20 and determined that the test campaign was completed. Now that the rocket and spacecraft have been returned to the VAB, it is possible to continue preparations for the upcoming launch.

Artemis I will be the first in a series of increasingly complex missions allowing humans to conquer the Moon and Mars.

Earlier, NASA decided not to repeat the SLS launch rehearsal.

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