Secret Russian satellite lost orbit 19 days after launch

The secret Russian spacecraft Kosmos-2555 lost orbit and burned up in the atmosphere on May 17 — that is, just 19 days after its launch. This is reported by a number of satellite spotters. 

Lowering the orbit of the Kosmos-2555 satellite. Source: Jonathan McDowell

Kosmos-2555 was launched on April 29 by the Angara-1.2 rocket from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The spacecraft was launched into orbit with a perigee height of 279 km, an apogee height of 294 km and an inclination of 96.5°. These parameters are similar to the orbital parameters of the reconnaissance satellites of the EMKA series, launched in 2018 and 2021 under the designations “Kosmos-2525” and “Kosmos-2551”.

After the launch, Russian media reported that the satellite had entered its normal orbit and was included in the catalog of space objects. But, as it quickly became clear, the victorious reports of success did not correspond to reality. After entering orbit, Kosmos-2555 failed to perform a single maneuver. This led to the fact that just 19 days after the launch, the spacecraft lost orbit and burned up in the atmosphere.

Thus, Kosmos-2555 shared the fate of another “successfully launched” Russian military satellite, Kosmos-2551. It joined the Russian underwater space group just 41 days after launch.

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