Satellites took photos of dust from the Sahara over Ukraine again

Dust from the Sahara, which was observed in Greece yesterday, has reached the territory of Ukraine today. This is reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center with reference to satellite images taken by the EUMETSAT platform.

Dust from the Sahara over Athens. The photo was taken on April 23, 2024. Source: Angelos Tzortzinis | Afp | Getty Images

Over the past few days, the world’s media has been actively publishing a lot of photos from the southern part of Greece, which resemble something between the film Dune and photos from Mars. You can see the red-orange sky on them, through which the sun’s rays practically do not penetrate.

The reason for this phenomenon was a wave of dust that came from the Sahara Desert. And although many tourists took this as an opportunity to take very unusual selfies, the dust also created many problems for people suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies.

At the same time, the dust from the Sahara did not stop at Greece. Judging by satellite data, it has continued to move and has already reached the southern and central regions of Ukraine (pink in the picture).

Satellite image showing the spread of dust from the Sahara Desert (pink color). Source: EUMETSAT/Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center

According to representatives of the Hydrometeorological Center, since the weather in Ukraine is now determined by cyclones and humid air masses, this will contribute to the rapid leaching of dust from the atmosphere. In some regions, this process can give clouds a yellowish tinge, and raindrops will contain dust and will not be crystal clear. According to the forecast, the dust will remain in the atmosphere over Ukraine until Friday. On the night from Friday to Saturday, it will retreat to the east and the atmosphere will clear up.

Recall that the previous time the dust from the Sahara desert reached the territory of our country in early April 2024.

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