Satellite showed that other ship sank together with Novocherkassk

A satellite image of the port of Feodosia, taken by the Planet Labs spacecraft, showed that the large landing ship Novocherkassk was really completely destroyed after a strike by the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another ship sank with it.

Novocherkassk is at the bottom. Source:

Novocherkassk is truly destroyed

The Radio Liberty service has published a satellite image of the Russian-occupied port of Feodosia, taken by a Planet Labs device. It unequivocally confirms that the large landing ship Novocherkassk was truly completely destroyed as a result of the Ukrainian Armed Forces strike.

The quality of the image is quite low, because the satellite was not at the optimal altitude at the time of its receipt. However, it clearly shows that the pier is completely empty, but a few days ago there was Novocherkassk. Images from the site indicate that the remains of the ship are almost completely under water.

The image obtained on December 26 clearly showed that, as a result of the explosion, another ship partially sank, which was located at some distance from Novocherkassk. Radio Liberty identified it as the UTS-150, an old training ship used by the Russian Navy. 

Novocherkassk in the picture from December 24

What happened

Earlier, Ukraine has repeatedly attacked Russian ships with fatal consequences for them. In particular, in September 2023, BDK “Minsk“, similar to Novocherkassk, which was just in dry dock, was severely damaged. 

This time, the strike was carried out on the night of December 25–26. The explosion was so strong that half of the city of Feodosia woke up, and numerous videos appeared online of something burning and exploding in the port.

Towards the morning, statements from the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared that they had completely destroyed the ship, but the Russian occupiers said that it was simply damaged. However, it became clear in the afternoon that the scale of the destruction was too great for Novocherkassk to survive. Apparently, it was transporting Iranian kamikaze drones and other explosive objects, so the detonation caused serious damage to the port and the city.

According to

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