Satellite saw a leak from the Russian gas pipeline

The Planet’s Dove satellite saw a section above the rupture of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. But whether it is a diversion or just a series of accidents is still unknown.

A leak from a Russian gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Source: Planet

Dove saw a leak from a Russian gas pipeline

The Planet company published an image of a foam ring on the water, which was removed from orbit by its Dove satellite. It corresponds to the place where there was a leak from the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline under water. But it is impossible to find out any additional details from this photo.

Dove belongs to the smallest class of satellites, the so-called cubesats, usually having the form of a cube with a side of 10 cm. At the same time, the satellite can take pictures of the surface with a resolution of 3 m. In total, Planet has about 200 similar devices in orbit.Thanks to this, the company is able to promptly receive information about the situation in the zone of natural disasters and man-made accidents, such as this gas leak from the Russian gas pipeline that occurred southeast of the Danish island of Bornholm.

The company also covered the events of the war in Ukraine, in particular, the destruction of Russian aircraft in Novofedorivka and helicopters in Chernobayivka.

Is it a diversion?

For the first time, European officials reported accidents on the Nord Stream gas pipeline on Tuesday, February 27. According to observations made from aircraft and ships, two ruptures occurred on the first branch of this gas pipeline, and the third, which Dove saw, on the second, which the Russians never managed to put into operation.

All this happened shortly after the gas transportation through these pipelines was stopped. Thus, the aggressor country is trying to blackmail the Europeans, demanding to stop helping Ukraine. But, it is quite possible that the accident occurred for purely technological reasons.

For example, it could occur due to the low pressure of the process gas, which prevents water from crushing the pipeline. However, it is already known that on Monday the seismic monitoring service recorded tremors similar to underwater explosions in the Baltic Sea.

So, the version looks more likely that the satellite of the Planet company recorded the result of the sabotage. But the debate about who carried it out and by what methods continues to this day. Moreover, on the morning of September 29, it became known about the fourth leak from the Russian gas pipeline.

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