Ready to fly: SpaceX conducts a test refueling of the new Starship

SpaceX has released images taken during refueling of the Starship prototype. They demonstrate a giant rocket shrouded in clouds of steam on the launch pad.

Starship refueling test. Source: SpaceX

The refueling test was conducted in preparation for the new flight. Within its framework, a bundle of Starship and Super Heavy was fully filled with more than 4,500 tons of propellant (methane is used as fuel, liquid oxygen is used as an oxidizer). Then the specialists conducted a rehearsal of the pre-launch countdown. The test was a success.

Recall that last week SpaceX published the results of the investigation into the causes of the accident that occurred during the second orbital flight of Starship. The engineers concluded that the Super Heavy collapsed due to an engine explosion caused by a clogged filter in the liquid oxygen supply system. 

Starship refueling test. Source: SpaceX

As for the Starship, the cause of the accident was the discharge of excess liquid oxygen, which was used to simulate a payload. During the procedure, there was a leak in the rear of the spacecraft, which led to a fire. This triggered the flight abort system, which blew up the spacecraft.

Starship refueling test. Source: SpaceX

The publication of the report paved the way for the third orbital test of Starship. However, the time of its holding is still unknown. For this, SpaceX will need to obtain a new launch permit from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

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