“Pink Moon” in April. How to see it and where the special name came from

On the night of April 24, full moon will be observed. Some sources call it the “Pink” one. However, this does not mean that on this day our natural satellite will somehow change its color. We’ll tell you where this name came from and what to expect on Tuesday.

On April 24, the Pink Moon will rise over the Earth

Pink Moon.

Humanity is approaching a “unique astronomical event” that actually happens every month. We are talking about a full moon phase when еру the part of its surface visible from the Earth will be completely illuminated by the Sun. This will happen on April 24.

The April full moon has recently been called “pink”. This name came to us from the United States. In the US, there is a name for each case when the disk of our satellite is fully illuminated. Traditionally, these names are believed to be folk names, but there is no evidence that they were used by any of the indigenous peoples of North America or by settler farmers from Europe. They first appeared in The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a magazine for farmers, in the 1930s, and since then it has been the main popularizer of these names, although many people have picked them up.

Of course, you can’t expect the moon to change color on this day. The name “pink” is associated with the first flowers that appear at this time. Obviously, we are not talking about roses at all, but about phloxes. It is with their pink color that this full moon is associated.

Again, however, no native North American people use this name. Instead, they associate it with the final melting of the snow, the arrival of birds and the beginning of their nesting, and the appearance of frogs.

The flag of Ukraine against the backdrop of the moon. The photo was taken by Spanish photographer Jordi Coy to honor Ukraine’s defenders who are resisting Russian aggression. It is reminiscent of “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima,” one of the most iconic photographs in history. Source: Jordi Coy

How to see the full moon on April 24

Like all others, the 2024 Pink Full Moon has an exact time of occurrence. It occurs at 2:48 am on April 24, Kyiv time. This time, there will be no supermoon, micromoon, or any other interesting event. Our natural satellite will be between the apogee and perigee of its orbit.

If you’re in Kyiv or its outskirts, you can start observing the full moon as early as the evening of April 23. It will begin to rise above the horizon at 19:47, and at 20:06 the sun will set. It is worth recalling that in the east of the country, these events will take place earlier than the specified time, and in the west – later.

Immediately after appearing in the sky, the Moon will be in the constellation Virgo, not far from its brightest star Spica. However, during the night it will gradually move away from it, moving towards Libra.