Orion cosplayed the famous “Earthrise” photo

The Orion spacecraft completes an orbital maneuver around the Moon in order to get to the most distant point of its orbit (aposeleneum) at a distance of 63 thousand km from the surface. During the maneuver, Orion took a video of the Earthrise, which shows how our cloudy blue planet emerges from behind the Moon. This moment was very reminiscent of the famous photo Earthrise.

An attempt to take a picture resembling the “Earthrise” from aboard Orion

The Apollo missions to the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s gave us a stunning new look at Earth from our neighbor’s distance. The original photo was taken by astronaut Bill Anders from Apollo 8 in 1968. It became a cult image, known as the “Earthrise”. Apollo 8 was the first mission to orbit the Moon. It was a milestone in space exploration that helped prepare the groundwork for the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Earthrise over the Moon. One of the most famous photos in history, taken by the crew of Apollo 8 in 1968. Source: NASA/Bill Anders

NASA and its modern Artemis I mission are revisiting these historical views. The new video draws a line in history by combining the groundbreaking visuals of the Apollo era with the more advanced Artemis camera equipment. The video was made by one of the many cameras installed on the Orion spacecraft. This “eye” in space is located at the end of one of the solar panels.

Artemis I is a test flight that aims to test the powerful Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft before astronauts board Artemis II. So far, the trip is going well, with a slight communication failure on November 23, which is quickly restored.

A picture taken during the approach to the Moon, reminiscent of the “Earthrise”

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