No traces of aliens are found in a perfectly synchronized planetary system

The HD 110067 planetary system, discovered last year, has six planets which orbit periods are synchronized with each other. Scientists decided to check if there were signs of alien intelligence there, and they haven’t found them.

HD 110067 system. Source: Roger Thibaut (NCCR PlanetS). Credit: Roger Thibaut (NCCR PlanetS)

Amazing HD 110067 system

Carmen Choza, a researcher at the SETI Institute, recently published a scientific paper on the search for technosignatures in the HD 110067 system. Simply put, she checked to see if any aliens were sending us signals from there. The reason why she became interested in this particular luminary was the unusual synchronization of orbiting planets around it.

The star HD 110067 is a medium-sized orange dwarf that is located 100 light-years away from us. Scientists knew about it for a long time, but became interested only last autumn. Then a system of six planets was discovered near it. 

All of them were super-Earths or mini-Neptunes ranging in size from 1.5 to 3 Earth diameters. But what was most striking was that their orbital periods related to each other as integers. This usually means that they are in resonance. However, a situation where as many as six worlds turn out to be so well synchronized has not yet been encountered.

No aliens have been found

Of course, due to such a strange synchronization, many people have suspicions that this is an unnatural state of the planets, but something created by an alien mind. Therefore, the scientists decided to check this in the only possible way — to look for radio signals.

However, it was known from the very beginning that there were no directional signals from HD 110067. As for the signals of television or radio, they are strongly scattered even at a distance of 100 light-years, and we simply will not hear them. 

But they will give a certain noise against the background of natural radio signals, and scientists have even calculated how it should look. And researchers from the SETI Institute have accumulated a lot of radio surveys of the entire sky over the years. They checked those parts of it that could potentially capture the site from HD 110067, and found nothing.

However, all this does not mean that astronomers will stop observing HD 110067. The planets in this system are too interesting. And some of them may even have liquid water. It is likely that traces of life will still be searched there.

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