No new transmissions are received from a possible “Wow!” signal source

Researchers from the SETI Institute studied with the help of two radio telescopes the star 2MASS 19281982-2640123 in the constellation Sagittarius. In 1977, a mysterious short signal was received from its area. However, this time the researchers did not find any transmissions.

Green Bank radio telescope. Source:

Where does the “Wow!” signal come from?

Scientists from the SETI Institute conducted the first systematic study of the area of the star 2MASS 19281982-2640123 in the constellation Sagittarius. This is a sun-like star located at a distance of 1800 light-years from us. It is believed that it is from there the “Wow!” signal came to us in 1977.

It was a short burst of intensity at a certain wavelength detected during data analysis. For quite a long time, scientists could not establish where it could have come from at all and whether its source was located outside the Solar System.

However, in 2022, it was 2MASS 19281982-2640123 that was named the most likely source of the signal. The researchers used data from the Gaia Space Telescope to map this region, and then checked the stars in it using two radio telescopes.

No signals

To search for new transmissions that could confirm the extraterrestrial origin of the Wow! signal, the researchers used the Green Bank radio telescope and an array of Allen antennas. In both cases, the duration of observations was 30 minutes.

The “Wow!” signal. Source:

At the same time, the researchers observed not only the area of the mentioned star, but also the nearby central part of the Milky Way. The study on both radio telescopes was carried out almost simultaneously, which made it possible to confirm the truthfulness of the results.

However, not a single signal that somehow confirmed “Wow!” was ever detected. However, researchers will continue to search, because there are many more stars in the specified region that may be sources of the signal.

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