NASA assembles SLS stage for Artemis II mission

The specialists of the Michoud Assembly Facility have successfully completed the installation of the main segments of the first stage of the SLS rocket, which will be involved in the Artemis II mission. This is stated in a message published on the NASA website.

Assembly of the first stage of the SLS, designed for the Artemis II mission. Source: NASA/Michael DeMocker

The first stage of the SLS rocket is 65 meters high and 8.4 meters in diameter. It is equipped with four modified RS-25 engines. They were previously installed on reusable Space Shuttle spacecraft. They use liquid hydrogen as a fuel and liquid oxygen as an oxidizer.

During the assembly work, the specialists of the Michoud Assembly Facility attached the propulsion section to the rest of the rocket stage. It is one of the most complex segments of the entire SLS. The propulsion section consists of kilometers of wires and hundreds of sensors. It locates the power units and all the vital systems responsible for their management and fuel supply.

In the near future, specialists will start installing four RS-25 engines on the first stage of the SLS. After completing this operation, it will undergo a series of tests.

At the moment, the launch of the Artemis II mission is scheduled for November 2024. Within its framework, three American and one Canadian astronaut will fly around the Moon on a free return trajectory, after which they will return to Earth.

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