NASA application will allow looking at space through the eyes of the James Webb Telescope

NASA has created an augmented reality tool that allows to “open portals” to the Universe as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope. This effect is available to Instagram users.

James Webb Space Telescope

Photos of the James Webb Telescope are everywhere!

NASA continues to come up with new ways to popularize astronomy. One of the latest initiatives concerns the James Webb Space Telescope. This unique device has already taken many amazing space images, which can be viewed with the effect of full presence.

At least, the telescope’s official Instagram account promises such an opportunity. Everyone who has this application installed on their mobile device can now simply go to it, point the camera at the surrounding area, click on the star icon and see how the portal to space opens.

Approaching the portal on the mobile screen, it will be possible to see that an amazing image of a space object obtained by a telescope is hidden behind it. The images are updated regularly, so you won’t be bored.

Augmented Reality

This technology is called Augmented Reality or AR. It can easily be confused with virtual reality, although in fact it is its complete opposite. Instead of completely modeling a world that doesn’t really exist, it works with real places on Earth, complementing them with virtual objects.

For this, however, you need a device that has a camera and a screen to which the image from it is broadcast in real time. Virtual objects are superimposed on it in such a way that it seems that they actually exist. 

Of course, special glasses would be best suited to open portals into space of the James Webb Telescope. But an ordinary smartphone will be able to cope with this task quite well.

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