NASA announces astronauts to fly around the Moon

NASA administrator Bill Nelson named the crew of the Artemis II space mission. The people flying around the Moon are US astronauts Christina Hammock Koch, Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman and Canadian representative Jeremy Hansen.

NASA Artemis II Mission Crew (left to right): NASA astronauts Christina Hammock Koch, Reid Wiseman (sitting), Victor Glover and Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen. Source: NASA

NASA named Artemis II crew members

The US announced the names of four crew members of the Artemis II mission. It happened during a press conference that took place on April 3 at 06:00 p.m., GMT+3. They were published by NASA administrator Bill Nelson.

The second Artemis mission will be similar to the first. In it, a giant SLS rocket will launch the Orion spacecraft into Earth orbit. It will start its own engine and head for the Moon. After circling it, the spacecraft will head to Earth. On approach to it, the capsule is undocked, which will make a soft landing with the help of parachutes. 

The only difference will be that this time there will be four people on board. They will be the first astronauts in more than 50 years to be closer to the Moon than to Earth. And on April 3, people learned that they would be three Americans and one representative of Canada.

Who will fly around the Moon?

The first person named by Bill Nelson was Christina Koch. It is she who should become the first woman in history to fly around the Moon. The astronaut has a master’s degree in electromechanics. She worked at the Antarctic station, helped develop the Juno probe and made one flight to the International Space Station. 

Another astronaut of the mission will be Victor Glover, a former military pilot who participated in the Iraq war. After that, he worked as a test pilot, studied and finally became an astronaut. Glover was once in space as part of a private Crew-1 mission.

A Canadian astronaut will also fly to the Moon. Hansen, a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, is the only one of the crew members who has not been in space before. But he, along with his European colleagues, participated in the CAVES training, in which they tried to simulate the situation that occurs during long-term space travel in caves.

Finally, the Artemis II crew commander will be Reid Wiseman. He is also a former US Air Force pilot. And later became an astronaut. Wiseman also has one space flight to the International Space Station.

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