Missing astronomer found dead at telescope

Chilean police found the body of British astronomer Thomas Marsh, who mysteriously disappeared in September. 60-year-old professor Thomas Marsh from the University of Warwick, worked at the La Silla Observatory near the Atacama Desert in Coquimbo, Chile.

Amazing circumstances at the La Silla Observatory. Photo: Futurism

The search for the missing person began shortly after the disappearance in mid-September. During the search in the desert area, his clothes and mobile phone were found. Approximately 55 days after that, the police found Marsh’s body, which was mysteriously undressed to the waist and was located next to the observatory. This is reported by El Pais.

La Silla Observatory. Photo: ESA

“After intensive searches, a specialized unit found the lifeless body of an astronomer who went missing on September 16. We grieve to announce this sad news and express our condolences to his family and friends,” the police department wrote on Twitter.

No cause of death has been reported at this time. It remains unclear what happened in the last hours of the Marsh. One of the main versions of the investigation is that Marsh went hiking on his own and soon got lost. But the police cannot yet explain why he was undressed.

Strange circumstances

Initially, the British astronomer visited the advanced La Silla Observatory, owned by the European Space Observatory, for four days. According to one of his colleagues, Marsh “knew the area perfectly”, because Marsh had already worked and taught there many times.

The deceased astronomer Thomas Richard Marsh. Photo: t13.cl

The only witness who last saw the professor was a British student traveling with a March to the observatory. According to the testimony he gave to the police, Marsh said “something very strange” to the student the day before his disappearance and reproached him for his lack of commitment.

Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing to determine what has happened to the astronomer.

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