Minecraft reproduced the universe with galaxies and black holes

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world. Thanks to its limitless possibilities, players create incredible things: from fantasy Middle-earth and copies of famous buildings of the real world, to working computers capable of running their own programs. In general, the game allows you to create things that are limited only by your own imagination. But Minecraft player Chris, under the pseudonym ChrisDaChow, recently shared one of the most unusual creations of this cubic world – he literally created “the whole universe”.

The whole Universe in Minecraft

“I Built the Entire Universe in Minecraft!” is how the player on Reddit started his topic.

Of course, the impressive design doesn’t really cover the entire universe. Rather, it is a wonderful collection of cult space exotics. Nevertheless, all this is striking in its scale. Among the most noteworthy cosmic wonders presented here are the Sun and the planets of our Solar System, the Pillars of Creation, a black hole inspired by the 2014 film Interstellar. 

Chris says that the project took a month and a half of intensive work. Of course, the author used additional modifications, such as WorldEdit, which played an important role in speeding up the creation process and allowed him to “draw” with light by manually adjusting the lighting blocks in Minecraft. The use of mods definitely only increases the effect of this creation and significantly saved Chris’ time.

Even if you are not a fan of Minecraft, it is worth finding 13 minutes of time to watch the video and admire the boundless wonders of space created in the virtual Universe.

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