Military space departments of 15 countries to meet in the USA

This week, the United States will hold the third meeting of the heads of the military space forces of different countries. Representatives of 15 states will try to coordinate their actions. The organizers see Russia’s repeated testing of anti-satellite weapons as one of the challenges of the future.

A meeting of the heads of military space agencies is planned in the United States. Source:

Meeting in Colorado Springs

The US Space Command announced a meeting of the chairmen of the military space departments of different countries this week. It should take place in Colorado Springs, the city where the headquarters of the orbital defense of North America is located.

Representatives of 15 countries are expected to participate in the meeting: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. According to the commander of the American space forces, the development of partnerships will be at the center of discussions.

Australia has recently created its military space agency. Representatives of the United States also work at its observation posts together with the country’s officers. In the future, the Americans plan to integrate the military from other countries as much as possible into their defense plans for activities in Earth orbit.

Concern about Russia’s actions

All this is happening in the context of growing security concerns in space. Experts see a particular danger in the possibility of Russia’s re-use of anti-satellite weapons. The war in Ukraine has shown that Putin is extremely unscrupulous, and simply does not accept arguments about the threat of civilian infrastructure.

The United States has initiated the creation of an international group within the UN that will develop new safety rules in orbit. Russia and China, of course, opposed any rules. The United States hopes that they will simply ignore these negotiations and will not try to sabotage them.

But, just in case, the US Space Command groups allies around itself. A new defense doctrine is being formed in it right now. And it looks like it will be truly global both in terms of integrating commercial structures and attracting foreign allies.

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