Japan’s company reveals new lunar lander

The private Japanese company Ispace has shown a new Resilience lander. It is designed to land on the moon during a mission that is scheduled to take place in the winter of 2024. The first attempt in April 2023 ended in an accident.

Resilience lunar lander from Ispace. Source: www.space.com

New private lunar vehicle

Preparations for a new private mission to the moon are coming to an end in Japan. The other day, the private company Ispace demonstrated the Resilience lander, which would be used during it. The engineers talked about the success of its assembly in a post on the official page on the X network (formerly Twitter).

Ispace representatives said that their engineers had already completed work on its body and electrical system. If everything goes according to plan, then in the winter (obviously in December) of 2024, the spacecraft will go to the Moon.

This will be the second attempt by Ispace to land on our moon. This time, the spacecraft will carry a micro-rover. It will be only 26 cm high, 31.5 cm wide, and 54 cm long, and weigh 5 kg. Despite this, it is equipped with a powerful camera that allows it to study the lunar surface.

Ispace explores the Moon

The company’s previous attempt to reach the moon ended in failure. The Hakuto-R spacecraft was launched in December 2022 and was supposed to land in April 2023. However, problems with the navigation system led to its loss. The on-board computer calculated the altitude incorrectly.

The second mission is quite similar in design to the previous one. The main differences are in the software. They will allow the spacecraft not to repeat the fate of its predecessor.

But Ispace’s plans don’t end there either. The third mission is already being prepared. Its Apex 1.0 lander will weigh 500 kg. It is expected to land on the moon in 2026.

According to www.space.com

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