ISS crew noticed “ghosts” overboard: Photo

The ISS astronaut posted on Twitter a photo of the Progress MS-18 cargo spacecraft, which was sent to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere after completing the task of delivering provisions and equipment to the station. However, two pairs of glowing “eyes” appeared in the picture, which resembled ghosts that appeared on the back of a spacecraft.

Progress MS-18 spacecraft with “ghosts”

“Progress MS-18 successfully undocked and departed. But who are those stowaways watching us?”, the astronaut commented on the picture.

The first picture shows the general plan of the Progress spacecraft. On the second, larger one, you can notice two domed protrusions that seem to be looking at the ISS crew with bright beady eyes. Of course, these are not really eyes at all. These are just some components that capture light in such a way that the protrusions look like mini-droids from “Star Wars” attached to a spacecraft from the outside.

Twitter users suggested that the figures look like R2-D2 or the evil Daleks from Doctor Who.

Korsakov is one of the seven crew members of the station who arrived aboard the ISS in mid-March in overalls with the colors of the flag of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ax-1 crew told about their impressions on the ISS.

According to CNET

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