High-speed satellite Internet from OneWeb will appear in Ukraine

Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest mobile operator, will become the exclusive representative of the British company OneWeb in Ukraine, which will offer high-speed broadband satellite Internet services as an alternative to Starlink. The partnership was announced by Kostiantyn Vechir, Director of B2B at Kyivstar, during the Business Wisdom Summit event in Kyiv.

OneWeb satellite in low-Earth orbit. Illustration: OneWeb

“We are currently testing OneWeb satellite technologies with some law enforcement agencies. As the official representative of OneWeb in Ukraine, we will also provide these services to businesses,” Kostiantyn Vechir noted.

Speaking about the OneWeb independent satellite network, the Evening stressed that it was capable of providing high-speed Internet even in non-standard conditions. “We received requests, especially from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, due to the fact that Starlink sometimes did not meet the communication needs in critical conditions,” he added.

Previous reports by Ukrposhta’s CEO highlighted the problems the company faced during the intense shelling and destruction of infrastructure in Kharkiv, where Starlink’s performance had significantly decreased. Especially in areas affected by electronic warfare.

In February, Reuters reported that Kyivstar’s parent company, Veon Holding, had entered into an agreement with OneWeb to integrate its satellite services into the existing terrestrial network. With about 550 low-orbit satellites, OneWeb intends to expand its fleet with SpaceX support by launching additional satellites in the near future.

Earlier, we reported on how Amazon promised Project Kuiper satellite Internet at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.

According to interfax.com.ua

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