Head of Roscosmos does not guarantee the operation of equipment on the ISS

On Friday, October 27, the head of Roscosmos, Yurii Borisov, commented on the situation on the International Space Station, where there was a leak from the radiator. According to him, despite the decision to extend the life of the segment for which his organization is responsible, 80 percent of the equipment in it has exceeded the warranty period.

The head of Roscosmos, Yurii Borisov. Source: www.reuters.com

The head of Roscosmos commented on the situation on the ISS

“The International Space Station is approaching the finish line of its existence,” Yurii Borisov, head of the space agency of the aggressor state, said on Russian state television. The broadcast took place on Friday, October 27.

Borisov’s speech was connected to a coolant leak from a backup radiator located on the Nauka module. On the eve, two Russian cosmonauts made a spacewalk and dealt with it. However, this is the third serious breakdown in a year, and it suggests that something is wrong with Russian equipment.

Borisov did not hide the existence of problems. Although the work of the Russian segment has been extended by the decision of the government of the country until 2028, no one is sure that it will function as it should. The head of Roscosmos said that 80 percent of all equipment on board had already exceeded the warranty period.

All this extremely negatively characterizes the state of the Russian space program, which has degraded for many years, and now it has also been hit by sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine. However, it is worth noting that NASA also regards the state of the ISS as extremely difficult and plans to stop its operation after 2030.

Luna-25 crash

Another issue raised by Borisov in his speech concerned the Luna-25. This mission, which was developed for a very long time and advertised as a return to the “great Soviet lunar program”, ended the same way as most of its Soviet predecessors. Something happened, and the spacecraft crashed on the surface of the Moon.

According to Borisov, correct conclusions have already been drawn from this accident. However, the team that worked on the spacecraft is still young and needs to be given a new chance. The main thing is that this time the development is not delayed for a decade.

Vladimir Putin has already ordered the extension of the lunar program. It is unknown what will come of this, given the sanctions and corruption reigning in this field. It is quite possible that it is time for the world to delete Russia from the list of advanced space states.

According to phys.org

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