Government approved an action plan for Ukraine’s integration into the European Space Agency

The Government of Ukraine has adopted a plan for how our state will integrate into the European Space Agency. Not only the State Space Agency, but also a number of relevant ministries and departments have been appointed responsible for holding consultations and joint events.

Ukraine approved the ESA integration plan. Source:

Action plan for integration into European space programs

On September 12, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, an action plan for the integration of our state into the structures of the European Space Agency was approved. In the adopted resolution, the main responsibility for its implementation is assigned to the Ministry of Strategic Sectors of the Economy.

Now this ministry must annually collect information on various events and plans that will help Ukraine join the European space programs until February 15 and publish them on a single e-government portal. 

  • preparation of the negotiation process with ESA on expanding cooperation;
  • development of cooperation with ESA, the EU and their member states in the implementation of projects in the field of space activities;
  • convergence of Ukrainian and EU legislation in the field of space activities and project implementation procedures;
  • conducting negotiations and preparing for the conclusion of an Agreement/Accession to the Convention.

Why is the adoption of an action plan important?

There are several key points in the government’s adoption of a new action plan for Ukraine’s accession to the European Space Agency. One of them concerns the fact that the main responsibilities for its implementation are assigned not to the State Space Agency of Ukraine, but to the Ministry of Strategic Sectors of the Economy.

It is also important that earlier representatives of the State Space Agency of Ukraine have already signed a cooperation agreement with NASA. This suggests that Ukraine’s space ambitions have remained, and it is looking for new ways to establish itself as a space state.

Finally, these would be Ukraine’s first systematic steps towards rapprochement with ESA after Ukrainian components were found responsible for the Vega carrier accident and abandoned them. The new steps will be aimed at overcoming the tension formed as a result of this.

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