“Fallout”: the most anticipated sci-fi series in April

Tomorrow, Amazon Prime Video will premiere Fallout. This sci-fi series is likely to be the much talked about in April 2024. It is a film adaptation of a popular video game. Here we tell you what the games were about, who is the showrunner of the series, and what to expect from it.


Adaptation of a series of computer games

Fallout is a film adaptation of the popular Action/RPG computer game series, the first of which was released in 1997. It has gained great popularity and has had a number of sequels and spin-offs.


The plot of Fallout.

The original games were set in the distant future in an alternative reality. In it, after the end of the Second World War, humanity made huge progress in nuclear physics, but still did not invent the transistor. As a result, in the world of Fallout, energy weapons and robots coexist with tube computers, and the culture is frozen at the turn of the 1950s.

In 2077, a global nuclear war broke out in this world, destroying most of humanity and turning the United States into a Wasteland. The remnants of civilisation have found refuge in shelters, barter has become the main form of trade, and radioactive contamination and viruses have caused many life forms (including humans) to mutate.

The series is not an adaptation of any specific game, but it is set in the same universe as the events of the game series. The plot unfolds 219 years after the apocalypse. The main character, named Lucy, has to leave the shelter and embark on a dangerous journey through what used to be Los Angeles.

Showrunners of Fallout

The showrunners of Fallout are Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. Jonathan is the younger brother of the famous Christopher Nolan, who won two Oscars for Oppenheimer this year (for Best Picture and Best Director).

Jonathan Nolan’s filmography includes work on the scripts for Memento, The Dark Knight and Interstellar. He was also the showrunner of the TV series Person of Interest and Westworld (the latter he co-wrote with Lisa Joy).

The cast of Fallout

Unlike the team of showrunners, the cast of Fallout cannot boast of any big stars. The main character is played by Ella Purnell, who was seen in the TV series Yellowjackets and the film Army of the Dead. Her father is played by Kyle MacLachlan (Dune, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks), and the mutated bounty hunter is played by Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight, Ant-Man and The Wasp).


The music for Fallout was composed by Ramin Javidi. He has gained worldwide fame thanks to the Game of Thrones soundtrack.

Fallout premiere date

Fallout will premiere on 11 April on Amazon Prime Video. Viewers will have access to all eight episodes of the first season immediately.

Expectations from Fallout

Fallout hasn’t been screened for critics yet, so we don’t have any early reviews of the series. It’s no secret that until recently, video game adaptations often couldn’t boast of much quality. But the situation has changed significantly in recent years. The creators of Fallout say directly that one of the sources of inspiration was last year’s The Last of Us, a TV adaptation of another well-known game series that received excellent reviews from both viewers and critics, setting a new benchmark.


Fallout is also favoured by the fact that it is one of Amazon’s highest-priority and highest-budget projects this year. So at least from a technical point of view, everything should be fine. As for the plot, it’s easy to see from different seasons of Westworld that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan can entrance us… or disappoint. What they did this time, we`ll see tomorrow.