Explosives are brought to the SpaceX launch site

An extraordinary delivery was delivered to SpaceX’s Starbase space launch site in Texas this week: a truck loaded with explosives, likely destined for a future rocket launch. This was reported by an observer under the pseudonym StarshipGazer, who took pictures of a truck with dangerous cargo that drove into the launch pad in Boca Chica, Texas.

A truck with explosives near the Starbase launch site

SpaceX is now preparing for the third launch of its giant Super Heavy rocket with the Starship spacecraft. The explosives are probably designed for a self-destruct system in case of an unpredictable accident. This was how the Starship was destroyed during its first test flight.

The arrival of the cargo coincides with the latest statements from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which confirm SpaceX’s intention to conduct a series of launches this year. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, also confirmed that the company hoped to perform a third test launch in early March.

Starbase is a key component of Elon Musk’s space empire and is the base for the implementation of ambitious plans to send people to Mars. Starship, presented as “the most powerful rocket in the world,” is the basis of these plans.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when Starship will be ready for full launches without explosions. The first orbital test in April ended in self-destruction, and the second in November led to an explosion over the Gulf of Mexico.

The development of Starbase for many years has aroused interest not only among space supporters, but also among South Texas officials, who see SpaceX as a powerful economic flow for the region. However, Starbase is also causing outrage among environmentalists, who are concerned about the impact on bird migration and ecology in the region as a whole. With more launches in the future, this conflict between SpaceX and conservationists is bound to escalate like a rocket in flight.

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According to wccftech.com

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