Europe denies Russia access to meteorological data

The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) has announced the suspension of licenses for Russian users, as well as a bilateral cooperation agreement with Russia, which provided for data exchange and staff training.

EUMETSAT was founded in 1986. It is an intergovernmental organization whose goal is to create and operate a European meteorological satellite system that provides real-time digital weather data to consumers, as well as operational monitoring of climate change on Earth.

EUMETSAT officials declined to say what caused the decision to suspend cooperation with Russia. However, according to most experts, this is due to the fact that the data provided by the organization, which includes almost instantaneous measurements of wind speed and direction, sunlight, precipitation and other factors, may be crucial in planning attacks in Ukraine, in particular with the use of biological or chemical weapons.

It is worth noting that at least three other European meteorological agencies have stopped cooperating with the aggressor country. It will also be mentioned that after the attack on Ukraine, ESA and OneWeb decided to terminate any cooperation with Russia, while German scientists turned off the eROSITA telescope installed on board of the Russian-German observatory Spectrum-RG. 

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