ESA published a record of the most spectacular moments of the Artemis I mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) has published a new video. It demonstrates the most spectacular moments of the Artemis I mission.

The Artemis I mission lasted 25.5 days. During its course, the Orion spacecraft circled the Moon, entered a permanent orbit around it, and then returned to Earth. During the flight, the onboard cameras took a lot of very beautiful pictures and recordings. ESA specialists selected the most spectacular Orion shots, creating a minute-long video showing the main stages of the mission.

The record published by ESA begins with the launch of the superheavy SLS rocket, the reset of the spacecraft’s emergency rescue system and the separation of Orion from the upper stage. Next, follow the frames obtained during the flyby of the Moon and stay in its vicinity. On them we can see the reverse side of the moon, as well as its joint portraits with the Earth, taken from a distance of over 400 thousand km.

In the final part of the recording, you can see the footage taken after the second flyby of the Moon. We see the Earth gradually approaching, the entry into the atmosphere and the release of parachutes, which ended with the successful landing of the capsule of the spacecraft in the Pacific Ocean.

Earlier we talked about the video from Orion onboard cameras, which allows us to estimate the size of the Moon.

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