ESA creates the Lunar Horizons game to explore the Moon

The European Space Agency (ESA), in collaboration with Epic Games and Hassell, has created a separate map with the surface of the Moon in the popular online game Fortnite. On this map, players can feel the weak force of gravity, jump high, collect resources and build a settlement colony in the same way as future astronauts will do on a dusty Earth moon. The map for Fortnite is called Lunar Horizons. ESA also clarified that the events in Lunar Horizons unfolded at the South Pole of the Moon. It is there that the astronauts of the Artemis III mission will land in 2026. 

To create a lunar environment, the game’s developers have worked closely with ESA to give authenticity to the experience and build a realistic landscape that allows players to learn real facts about space by exploring the environment on their own. 

Players will navigate their way through the cratered surface of the Moon, search for resources, work with instruments and assemble each module of the lunar habitat in the same way as they do during a real mission. It may not look too realistic, but the game is based on real planned missions to the moon. As an astronaut in the game, you will meet with the ESA Argonaut lunar spacecraft, which in reality will be used to deliver cargo for future crews to the surface of the Moon.

Lunar Horizons in Fortnite was created in collaboration with Epic Games, Hassell and ESA 

The moon’s south pole is the main destination for future lunar missions, as it may contain water ice hidden in shaded regions that have never seen the light. Water extracted from ice will be an important resource for creating a habitat on the Moon, which is key to establishing a permanent human presence on the lunar surface, which may one day help us reach more distant destinations in space. 

Future missions to the Moon also seek to extract clean forms of energy from the moon’s surface, such as helium-3, which could provide safer nuclear energy in a fusion reactor.

Lunar Horizons can be accessed by code 3207-0960-6428 or by searching for Lunar Horizons in Discover.

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