Disguised Ingenuity: Try to find a Martian helicopter in the photo

NASA’s Perseverance rover is not the only one in the Jezero crater on Mars. Its companion, the Ingenuity helicopter, is still capable of taking to the air. In the latest photo, the rover took off the helicopter shortly after its next successful flight. But the image is interesting because you will need all the attentiveness skills to find the tiny Ingenuity in this photo, because it merges with the rocks on the sandy surface of the Red Planet.

This image of the Perseverance rover, taken on January 8, 2023, shows its tracks, rocks, dunes and the Ingenuity helicopter. Try to find it. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

The image was taken by one of the rover’s cameras on January 8, a few days after the helicopter made its 38th flight. During the last flight, Ingenuity overcame 110 m above the surface in the air. But it is not advisable to fly a longer distance, so as not to lose touch with Perseverance.

The image shows the wide rocky expanse of the Jezero crater and the wheel tracks left by the rover. Undulating sand dunes are noticeable in the distance. At first, you may doubt that Ingenuity is depicted in the photo at all. But remember that the main body of the helicopter is about the size of a box of napkins, and it is located 110 m from the rover.

Are you still looking? Here is a hint — a NASA map with the location of the rover and helicopter on the Martian terrain, which will help determine the exact location of Ingenuity relative to Perseverance.

The image shows a part of the Jezero crater with a part of the Perseverance rover path marked with white lines. The location of Ingenuity is indicated by a blue icon at the top. Image: NASA

Now let’s check how attentive you are, because below you will see the solution. When the image is enlarged and the contrast is increased, you can see the landing legs and the square body of Ingenuity.

That’s where Ingenuity is located

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