Disco party on the Orion spacecraft

The Artemis I mission successfully completed half of the way. Successful launch on the  SLS rocket, approach and fly-by of the Moon at a minimum altitude, and now the Orion spacecraft is at a record remote point – 435 thousand kilometers from Earth. Now important tests are being carried out on board Orion, but this does not mean that the “crew” inside cannot have some fun. Orion manufacturer Lockheed Martin published a short video about how a real disco party took place inside the spacecraft.

Disco on board Orion is a demonstration of Callisto technology. Photo: Lockheed Martin

“Alexa, party mode!” – with this phrase, a command was given to the voice assistant through the microphone to “turn on the festive lighting”, launching a multi-colored disco-style display inside the capsule. The video also shows part of the space suit of the manikin Commander Moonikin Campos, which plays an important role in collecting information about the level of radiation on board.

The party mode feature is part of a demonstration of Orion’s Callisto technology, which includes Amazon’s built-in Alexa voice assistant. This technology helps future astronauts to use voice commands to facilitate and accelerate work on the spacecraft. “Party Mode” is just one quick request if they need to celebrate an important event, like arriving on the Moon.

Earlier we showed how the Snoopy doll felt gravity inside Orion.

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