Director of the SETI Institute: US has no evidence for alien technology

The SETI Institute is one of the leading scientific organizations engaged in the search for alien intelligence. However, its director assures that all reports that residents of other worlds have already visited our planet and the US government has their technology are nonsense.

The US has no evidence for alien technology. Source:

Does the United States have alien technology

When it comes to scientific research of extraterrestrial civilizations, there is no more reputable scientific organization in the world than the SETI Institute. Its scientists have been implementing various programs for many years, the purpose of which is to find life near other stars. They are mainly aimed at detecting radio signals.

Representatives of the Institute, by definition, must believe that intelligent life exists outside the Earth, and they have repeatedly made optimistic statements about this in the past. However, Bill Diamond, president and chief executive officer of this institution, in a recent interview with the portal showed that when it came to UFOs, they could be ardent skeptics.

“We don’t have any evidence of any credible source that would indicate the presence of alien technology in our skies. And we never have,” he said, adding that the idea that the US government was hiding something like that was absurd.

According to Diamond, there is no evidence that at least something that people have observed over the years as a UFO is actually an alien ship. However, it is also not worth excluding the possibility that something like this will actually appear on Earth sometime.

What the aliens won’t do

In order to show how naive the idea of “aliens just arrived” is, Diamond recalled that the fastest spacecraft created by our civilization, the New Horizons probe, could fly to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, in only 80 thousand years. Therefore, any civilization that could overcome this distance in an acceptable time would have to be much smarter than ours, and it would not be easy for it.

Therefore, they would definitely not do such a stupid thing as sending a ship with a living crew to an unknown place. Rather, it would be better to expect an automatic probe from them. And certainly we should not expect such a thing from aliens as an accident of a manned vehicle on Earth due to some natural conditions. With a normal intelligence organization, this would simply be impossible.

The latter statement is an allusion to the very famous story that in 1947, an alien spaceship crashed near the city of Roswell in New Mexico, and allegedly then the bodies of alien creatures fell into the hands of the Americans.

Also, according to Diamond, if there was a small alien ship with a crew in our atmosphere, then somewhere nearby there would have to be a much larger one from which it launched. And we haven’t seen anything like this near the Earth. In addition, he suggested that if you really crossed interstellar space, then leaving circles in local fields would be the last thing that would occur to you.

Belief and facts

Regarding why people continue to believe in UFOs, Diamond replied that the reason was that people wanted to believe in it. Because it is very sad to think that we are alone in the vast universe. And the facts clearly indicate that at least there must be some kind of life outside the Earth.

At least, this is indicated by the research of the Kepler space telescope. It has discovered about 2,700 planets during its existence. Which means there should be a lot more of them there. According to its estimation, on average, there should be 1-2 planets per star in the Galaxy. 

However, this does not mean that aliens should literally live in a neighboring star system. There are a lot of variables in the equation describing the possibility of meeting them, and we do not know the values of all of them.

Therefore, do not believe every UFO report. After all, they were all random. Therefore, the people who committed them simply did not have the opportunity to conduct normal research and were not sure what exactly they saw.

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