Communication with humpback whales will help make contact with extraterrestrial life

If humans ever make contact with extraterrestrial life, then scientists will have to find a common language with creatures that are not at all like us. Recent communication with humpback whales has shown how else this can happen.

Humpback whales are almost aliens. Source: Jodi Frediani

Humpback whales and extraterrestrial life

If extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in space, then it may be completely different from humans. And we are not talking about its possibility on a different chemical basis or not at all on the basis of familiar matter. Even the very difference between the anatomy of the brain and the body can greatly change everything because our thinking is in many ways a continuation of them.

As a result, scientists are increasingly raising the question of the very possibility of communicating with an alien mind. Will we be able to correctly divide its signals into components? Will it respond to our message created based on their analysis? 

Fortunately, there are beings on our planet who are smart enough to have an intelligent conversation and exchange signals, and at the same time, they are extremely different from us. We are talking about humpback whales, which make up extremely long and complex “songs” that people have already partially deciphered.

Talking to whales

A recent experiment conducted by a team of scientists from the SETI Institute, the University of California at Davis and the Alaska Whale Foundation may help us answer the question of how possible a dialogue with another life form is. 

The study was conducted off the coast of Antarctica and consisted of an exchange of signals with a female humpback whale named Twain. The conversation lasted for 20 minutes, and researchers recorded how the giant creature reacted to the messages.

Scientists have found that the whale responds perfectly to the transmission of a greeting signal, which clearly does not come from a creature of the same species as it. And the female reacted to the rest of the messages exactly as if it were a natural conversation.

Scientists attach great importance to these results because they prove that we can generally correctly identify elements in the conversations of creatures completely different from us. And they, in turn, can look for a contactee to establish a conversation.

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