Chinese startup will provide hypersonic vehicles with satellite communications

Chinese startup Galaxy Space has launched six communication satellites into orbit. It plans to use them to provide communication with hypersonic aircraft. Perhaps the Celestial Empire uses this technology to guide cruise missiles of a new generation.

A promising hypersonic missile. Source: U.S. Air Force

Satellite communication from Galaxy Space

The Chinese startup Galaxy Space successfully launched six communications satellites into Earth orbit in March 2022. The company was founded back in 2016 and initially its main goal was to create a civil communications network for the needs of residents of their country.

But China’s recently announced plans to create a national satellite grouping of 13 thousand satellites put an end to these plans. There will be no point in small private networks if there is one large state-owned network comparable to SpaceX and Oneweb.

Therefore, Galaxy Space has moved on to another task — providing stable communication of unmanned hypersonic vehicles. Recently, they published a document containing the results of tests during which engineers managed to maintain two-way communication with a rapidly moving terminal for 25 minutes. 

Hypersonic vehicles and communications

Hypersonic aircraft are those aircraft that have at least five times the speed of sound. And we are talking not only about manned aircraft, but also about unmanned vehicles, for example, cruise missiles.

Talks about their development have been going on for more than one year, but so far there is not a single serial sample that the characteristics of which would be confirmed by outside observers. For example, Russia claims that some of the missiles it uses against Ukraine have a speed of more than 15 km/s. But there is simply no confirmation of the claimed characteristics.

However, this does not mean that the development of these devices is not in full swing. And nobody knows what China is capable of in this regard. But the problem with the communication of such devices really exists. It consists both in the exact direction of the antenna and in the fact that the heating of the air greatly distorts the radio signals. But it seems that Galaxy Space specialists have managed to overcome all the difficulties.

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