Chinese Coast Guard took away the wreckage of the rocket from the Filipinos

A Chinese coast guard ship blocked a Philippine boat towing the wreckage of a rocket by sea. It belongs to China and has caused considerable outrage due to the uncontrolled fall. The PRC took the fragments for themselves.

One of the fragments of the Long March 5B rocket found by the Filipinos. Source:

The Chinese took the fragments of their rocket from the Filipinos

The Philippine Navy boat was subjected to aggressive actions by the Chinese Coast Guard due to careless space exploration. It was just towing the wreckage of a Celestial rocket that fell in the territorial waters of this country when a ship with the tail number 5203 approached it.

The story began on Sunday, November 20th. The Philippine military, using a long-range camera, noticed an object in the sea near it, which turned out to be a fragment of the Chinese Long March 5B space rocket. They sent a boat, tied the wreckage with a rope and began to tow them to their base.

At that moment, a Chinese patrol ship approached the boat. First, it blocked the boat’s course, and then launched an inflatable boat to capture the wreckage. The sailors on the last cut the cable with which the towing was carried out and took the wreckage with them.

The Philippine military did not interfere with them and subsequently returned to their base. According to representatives of the country’s Navy, no one was injured in the incident, but they are still outraged by the behavior of their Chinese colleagues.

Scandalous rockets in a scandalous sea

The South China Sea, in which all this happened by itself, is the scene of a tough political confrontation. The PRC is trying to strengthen its presence in various ways. Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, which support the United States, are trying to resist this. Therefore, all types of incidents in these waters are not uncommon.

The Long March 5B superheavy rocket is also known for its scandalousness. This particular sample, the wreckage of which the Filipinos caught in their territorial waters for the last week, put the Mentian module into orbit, which completed the construction of the Chinese space station.

And over the past two years, the Long March 5B was launched twice more. And each time after the end of the mission, its giant last stage went into an uncontrolled fall and reached the surface of the Earth at an unpredictable point. This is how it was designed by Chinese engineers.

So, it’s not surprising that every time China launches this giant rocket, it causes significant diplomatic disputes. Experts already warn of a significant risk of death in the next 10 years from the fall of the wreckage of the carrier, and the Celestial Empire seems to be doing everything to make it happen for sure.

And US Vice President Kamala Harris is on a visit to Malaysia. And soon she should fly to the Philippines in order to express her support for this country and assure that in the event of a Chinese invasion, the United States will not stand by.

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