China plans to carry out more than 70 orbital launches in 2023

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is going to carry out more than 50 orbital launches in 2023. If we add to this the plans of other government contractors and commercial Chinese companies, then by the end of the year the Celestial Empire may exceed the mark of 70 completed space missions.

Launch of the Long March 5B rocket. Source:

In 2022, China carried out 64 orbital launches, which became a new national record. 53 of them were accounted for by CASC. In 2023, the corporation is going to continue this trend by sending more than 50 rockets into space again. They will include both missions to deliver people and cargo aboard the Tiangong station, as well as missions involving the launch of military, scientific and commercial cargo into orbit. Among them are the launches of the Xuntian telescope and Einstein Probe. The first one will have the ability to take pictures with a resolution close to the Hubble telescope, but at the same time have a 300 times larger field of view. The Einstein Probe will explore the Universe in the X-ray range.

In addition, CASC plans to make the debut launch of the new Long March 6C rocket. During 2023, a new test of a prototype of a next-generation manned spacecraft is also expected, which will be used in future lunar missions.

Other government contractors also have space plans. Among them are the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASIC) and its subsidiary Expace. They are planning a series of launches of Kuaizhou solid-fuel rockets. The division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS Space is also going to carry out several orbital launches.

As for commercial companies, Galactic Energy, Landspace, iSpace, Space Pioneer, Deep Blue Aerospace, Orienspace and Rocket Pi, in particular, have space plans. Thus, by the end of 2023, China has every chance to overcome the mark of 70 orbital launches.

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