Axiom Space tourists left a sweet surprise on the ISS

The space tourists of the third Axiom Space mission left behind a sweet reminder for astronauts in orbit – peanut butter at the entrance to the airlock of the International Space Station. The SpaceX Dragon capsule, returning to Earth, sent an audio recording from mission commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, who informed the ISS crew of an unexpected sweet surprise.

Peanut butter floating on the International Space Station. Photo: NASA

Whether the butter was smeared on the equipment or was in the jar remains unknown. The absence of further reports may indicate that the astronauts isolated the jam so that it would not contaminate the space station.

Peanut butter has been part of the astronauts’ diet for a long time. It was popular during the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle program. This delicious treat has become not only a source of pleasure, but also an important nutritious snack.

According to information from, this mission was the third fully commercial visit to the space station organized by Axiom Space, a Houston, Texas-based company. All three SpaceX flights were carried out as part of this commercial partnership.

The SpaceX capsule has successfully landed off the coast of Florida after a three-week mission with Lopez-Alegria and other crew on board. During their stay on the ISS, more than 30 experiments were conducted.

The mission is also an example of the growing collaboration between commercial companies and NASA. Although this led to some misunderstandings, in particular regarding possible drug use at SpaceX, which required comments from NASA officials. 

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