Anywhere in the world in 90 minutes: Sierra Space announces a fast space delivery service

In the 1980s, FedEx offered the slogan “Overnight delivery is guaranteed.” However, force majeure situations, such as conflicts or disasters, can affect the delivery time of even the most punctual services. The private space company Sierra Space is working on a system that will allow cargo to be delivered anywhere on Earth in 90 minutes.

Sierra Space has several impressive projects, among them the Dream Chaser spaceplane and a commercial space station. But recently they announced a new platform project called Ghost. It is designed for on-demand courier services, including national security operations and crisis assistance. According to the company, the revolutionary logistics spacecraft will have a most advanced thermal protection system adapted for the safe return of small payloads from space.

“We envision having an inventory of Sierra Space Ghost vehicles strategically positioned and readily accessible and deployable within 90 minutes to critical locations anywhere on Earth,” said Sierra Space CEO Tom Vice.

The platform was announced almost immediately after the creation of the Orbital Missions and Services organization, which focuses on innovative solutions for national security. It is indicated that the company has already received contracts for satellite groupings worth $ 1.3 billion.

Ghost spacecraft during testing in Florida. Photo: Sierra Space

Ghost successfully passed a series of drop tests on February 1 at the Space Florida spaceport. These included a final drop from a height of 600 meters to assess the impact dynamics, a controlled parachute descent from a height of 1200 meters, and separation of shield components and payload. The results showed that the spacecraft was capable of safely returning a payload from space.

After the launch of the program, the Ghost spacecraft will wait in low orbit around the Earth until it receives instructions for return. It can deliver a survival kit, an inflatable boat, rations, weapons, and others. After activation, the spacecraft will begin entering the atmosphere, using a thermal shield and a parachute for landing. The service life of each satellite is five years. 

This very fast service can greatly facilitate the delivery of vital items to where they are needed in the shortest possible time.

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