Alien mummies from Peru turn out to be fake

Scientists have stated that the so-called “alien mummies” that appeared last autumn in Lima, the capital of Peru, have nothing to do with space. These are fakes that someone created from human and animal body parts.

Alien mummies. Source:

Scientists make a statement about alien mummies

On January 12, a press conference was held by a group of scientists dedicated to the results of the study of objects known as “alien mummies”. They appeared in October last year and made a lot of noise in the world press. However, most scientists were quite skeptical back then.

Now scientists have conducted biomolecular and X-ray studies of these objects and can say with confidence that they do not contain any signs of alien DNA, and in general, nothing indicates that they came from outer space.

At the same time, the “mummies” are definitely of organic origin. Someone just took pieces of the bodies of humans and terrestrial animals and joined them together with synthetic glue, creating something like a doll from dried bones and other tissues. The same applies to the three-fingered hand allegedly found in a tomb in the Nazca region.

What kind of mummies are we talking about

The history of alien mummies from Peru has been going on for several years, although it was 2023 that received the most publicity. In September, two of them, allegedly found in the same Peru back in 2017, were presented at a meeting of the Mexican parliament. Then the people who brought them there “tried to tell the world the truth” that they were supposedly more than 1,000 years old. 

A little later, two more similar “alien mummies” were found in the DHL delivery service in Peru. They were dressed in the traditional outfits of the local population, although they were very small. The people behind this story even provided X-rays at that time, which allegedly proved that they had nothing in common with terrestrial organisms.

And now it became clear that both the “Mexican” mummies and those found later were fake. At the same time, it is quite unoriginal, since scammers have resorted to this method for many decades. In particular, the remains of mermaids were repeatedly falsified in this way. However, scientists have exposed the lie every time.

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