Aerospace startup tests reusable rocket engines

Aerospace startup STOKE Space has published a recording of a fire test. In its course, the company tested the propulsion system, which is planned to be installed on the second stage of its fully reusable rocket.

Testing of the power plant designed for the second stage of the STOKE Space rocket. Source: STOKE Space

STOKE Space was founded by a group of former employees of SpaceX and Blue Origin. Its main goal is to create a fully reusable launch vehicle. According to the company’s management estimates, this will reduce the cost of space launches by 20 times.

Since SpaceX and Blue Origin have already demonstrated the ability to reuse the first stages of rockets, STOKE Space decided to focus all efforts on the still unresolved problem of the return of the second stages. The company claims that it already has an innovative reusable engine, as well as a reliable and simple thermal protection system that will allow the stage to survive re-entry into the atmosphere.

It is also known that the second stage of the STOKE Space rocket will be equipped with a drop-down head fairing (Rocket Lab is currently working on something similar), and its engine will use hydrogen as fuel. As for the first stage, its power units will run on methane and the same landing scheme will be applied for it as for the Falcon 9. At the same time, so far STOKE Space has not disclosed the figures of the planned carrying capacity of its carrier.

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