A spot on the Sun can be seen without a telescope

It is impossible to look at the Sun without protective filters. But if you have special glasses for observing solar eclipses, then without any telescope you can see a giant spot on it.

Spot AR3310 on the Sun. Source: SDO/NASA

Four times the size of Earth

Already for several days a giant spot has been crawling across the disk of the Sun. It has received the designation AR3310 and is four times the size of the Earth. Astronomer Bum-Suk Yeom from South Korea said that he managed to see this spot without a telescope. 

However, he immediately hurried to remind everyone that it was impossible to look at the sun without protective filters because of the danger of getting a retinal burn. And ordinary sunglasses don’t really help with this. Effective only those that are specifically designed for this or, for example, those used by welders.

However, fans of watching the sun from the east coast were lucky. Powerful forest fires are just happening there. And the smoke from them acts as a natural filter. Therefore, they were not only able to see the spot with their own eyes, but also to capture it.

What is the danger of a huge spot for us

Scientists are closely monitoring the movement of the AR3310 spot across the solar disk, and now it is almost directed towards the Earth. And although its dark color is caused by the fact that its temperature is 1500 degrees lower than the rest of the atmosphere of our luminary, it does not threaten to cool down on Earth.

On the contrary, everyone expects bright fireworks. It is under the sunspots that the magnetic lines reconnect. And when it happens, we can expect an outbreak. Actually, even before the AR3310 turned to us, it generated an explosion of the M-class. These are not considered very strong, although it was this one that dropped several of Elon Musk’s satellites to Earth last year.

However, scientists suspect that this giant has not shown its true strength yet. Now the probability that the spot is turned to the Earth, and an X-class flare will occur on it is estimated at 20 percent. If this happens, it will be pleasant that the aurora borealis will be visible in Ukraine again. The unpleasant thing will be that at the same time electrical appliances can fail.

According to www.sciencealert.com

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