A giant prominence falls on an epic portrait of the Sun

Famous astrophotographers Andrew McCarthy and Jason Guenzel have joined forces to create an image of the Sun. The result of their collaboration was an epic 140-megapixel portrait of our star.

140-megapixel portrait of the Sun. Source: Andrew McCarthy/Jason Guenzel

In total, the photographers were photographing the Sun for five days. During this time, they took over 90 thousand pictures of the star. Then they combined them into a single image. As a result, they have a very spectacular portrait showing the surface of our luminary and the dynamics of its numerous processes.

If you look closely, you can see a structure resembling a vortex in the upper right part of the solar disk. This is a giant prominence. The birth of which was watched by astrophysicists all over the planet last week. 

The “Solar tornado” grew for three days, eventually reaching a height of 120 thousand km. For a better understanding of the scale, this is the diameter of Saturn or almost ten diameters of our Earth. Then the prominence fell on the surface of the luminary. In the fall, it broke up into fragments, each the size of the Moon, which was accompanied by an active release of energy and matter.

A solar prominence with a height of 120 thousand km. Source: Andrew McCarthy/Jason Guenzel

Recall that earlier we published another spectacular photo of Andrew McCarthy, where you could see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

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