№6 (175) 2019

All you want to know about modern star wars

Magazine cost — UAH 100

In this issue:

  • The cosmic confrontation of modernity. Why are countries increasing their space potential, creating space troops, and is it worth waiting for the beginning of the third World War from outer space
  • The most unusual space projects of the Cold War.
  • Cold War 2.0. World without peace. About the space race in the new geopolitical reality.
  • Who the US Air Force works with
  • “Killers” of satellites: weapons of space superpowers
  • India’s Anti-satellite Weapons: New Political Reality or “Indian cinema”?
  • Vacuum cleaners for space debris.
  • Space exploration in a global war.
  • The Celestial Empire goes to the sky! China and its military space projects.
  • France’s star ambitions. Why France is creating space troops.
  • NATO, Ukraine, space. Prospects for cooperation in the space sphere.
  • Celestial bombardment: What are the dangers of asteroids
  • Rover: Opportunity, interest and inspiration
  • War in space: myths and reality. About the scientific validity of the space battle on the screen
  • Brave, strong, ambitious: Portrait of a woman from a very faraway galaxy. Female images in the movie “Star Wars”.
  • Accessory for war. An unofficial union of astrophysicists and the military. Review of a book about the study of long-term relations between science and the army
  • Santa Claus is on orbit. How to celebrate the New Year in space
  • Will we find planet X? Why Pluto is not a planet and whether there is a chance to discover the ninth planet in the Solar System.